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Recent Posts

March (book) Madness is here. This year's theme is "Sweet Escape." Come upstairs to get the QR code to vote. Prizes given each week. 
Welcome back! Hope you had a great break and read some great books. We've got plenty of new titles ready for you. 

Organizational Christmas Tree Display Contest

The contest has started! Come vote for your favorite tree. 

This semester, the SISD Librarian/Media Specialists are using Katherine Applegate's Wishtree and Kyo Maclear's The Wish Tree as our district reads. Come upstairs, check out the books, and tie your own wish onto our tree. 

What are your summer reading goals?

As I have several weddings to attend this summer, I thought my goals should reflect the tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" that brides follow. 
Something Old-I'm going to read a Faulkner title that I've never read (probably Absalom, Absalom). 
Something New-I've got so many new books from TLA and Sync Audiobooks to choose from that I'm sure I'll read many new books! 
Something Borrowed-hmmm...does it count if I check it out of the school library?
Something Blue-I think this applies to cover and not mood, so I'm going to try Gayle Forman's If I Stay.