I've already started listening to The Bronte Plot. Another week of interesting reads! Get it through the SORA app. 

Email notice

If you are an underclassman and NOT leaving SISD, you can ignore the notice from the library that your iPad is overdue. The email is automatically generated. 

Once you download the audiobook, it's yours to keep. You don't have to listen to it in a week, but you only have a week to download it. We are in week 3 now. You can sign up to get a text reminder.  
If you have library books that you need to return, there is a drop box in the foyer at the high school. If the book is too big for the slot, just leave it on top of the box. There are NO overdue fines at this time. 

If you lost a book, you will have to pay for the replacement cost of that book. Please email me and we'll work out arrangements. rachel.kammerer@sville.us

Happy reading! 
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Overdrive/Sora log in

If you are using the Sora app, your login is first.last name after you select the school. If you are using the Overdrive app, your library card is S and your lunch number, without the first 0.
If you need help, email me rachel.kammerer@sville.us 
If I need to add a book, let me know. 

March 16-20

Students, if you have a library book due this week, do not fret. You will not be charged for days we are not at school. If you need more books to read, check out Overdrive (Sora app) or email me at rachel.kammerer@sville.us

If you are interested in meeting some incredible YA authors, hearing about new releases, and being able to purchase signed copies of books, then come to the NTTBF in March. This is a free event. See Mrs. Kammerer in the library for more details.