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CAUTION! Using a citation generator does NOT ensure the citation is done correctly. Always check your information with the required format.


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Current advice from MLA, APA and Chicago styles is linked below. 









Both Word and Google docs have built in citation programs. In Word, choose
REFERENCES on the ribbon. There are a variety of citation styles from which
to choose. Create the sources and Word will add in-text citations and then
create the bibliography/works cited page.  Also from the REFERENCES ribbon,
you can insert formatting for a table of contents, with the dots already

Also, take a look at the Quick Parts function on the INSERT ribbon. There
are a number of options for creating pieces that are used frequently (such
as an address, or a mathematical operation) that can be saved and added

In Google Docs, you can add the add-on for Easy Bib Bibliography creator.
From the ribbon along the top, click on "Add-Ons" "Get Add-Ons" and search
for it. So far, it's free.  (From Cheryl Youse MLS Ed.D., Media Specialist and Webmaster, Colquitt County High School, Norman Park, GA)

American Psychological Association (APA)
Modern Language Association (MLA)