2016 - FRC Stronghold


In 2016, FIRST partnered with Disney Animation Studios to develop the game - Stronghold. The game has the medieval theme of attacking the castle. The reveal video is available here.

General Lee

General Lee was our robot to address the 2016 Stronghold game. It was named during our exciting run at the Hub City Regional, where it proved capable of launching itself over obstacles at full speed and taking the abuse of hard driving.



The Purpose of the 2016 Stronghold game was to make a robot that could address all the obstacles presented in the game such as the Rough Terrain, Sally Port, Cheval De Frise, Moat, Drawbridge, and the Rock Wall. When the robot would pass over one of the many obstacles they would go to the tower and shoot the ball in either the high goal or low goal. Another way to score points was to disarm all the obstacles by going over them a certain amount of times.



We focused on taking out the defenses of the Outer Works, defending the high goal, and shooting into the low goal. It could address all the obstacles other than scaling the tower. Our intake system allows us to get a ball wedged between rollers allowing us to shoot for the low goal. We developed a way to block the high goal when we need to defend.



Overall, we advanced to the Elimination Rounds in all three events, including the first ever UIL Robotics State Championship. At Lubbock's Hub City Regional, we earned the Alliance Captain position - the first ever for our young team - and followed that with an upset win over the dynamic combination of then undefeated Black Hawk Robotics and Del Rio's Regional Champion TriKzR4Kidz. The results, including videos, of the 2016 season are available at http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/4364. Videos for the Dallas Regional are available at http://www.dallasfirstvideo.com/Team/Details/4364