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Correspondence Courses

Correspondence Course Guidelines
• Approval must be obtained prior to enrollment in course(s).
• The course(s) must include the state-required essential knowledge and skills for such a course.
• I must complete the course(s) prior to the last opportunity to take the course(s) during my last regular school year.
• I must enroll in Texas Tech University Distance Learning Program or other approved program.
• I am completely responsible for all costs incurred for the correspondence course including tuition, fees, and all materials.
• I will take the final examination at Stephenville High School and the exam will be proctored by one of the counselors.
• I must follow all deadlines and guidelines provided by the institution in order to receive credit. 
• A maximum of 2 credits can be awarded through correspondence courses.
An application for correspondence courses
must be approved before enrollment in the course.

Click here for the correspondence course application