SHS TSIA (Texas Success Initiative Assessment) Information

Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) is a college readiness exam required for all Texas state schools.

If you have retaken the TSIA, please share those results with the SHS counselors.


Planning to take the TSI? Be sure to:

  1. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity

           Student ID = provided by counselor

  1. Forward your completion certificate to
  2. Prepare on the free study app by College Board or try Edgenuity (use your Sville network login).
  3. Bring $7 per section or $21

More information.


Mathematics Placement

Reading Placement

Writing Placement & WritePlacer

College Ready Scores


Eligible for College

Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Physics, Chemistry


Eligible for Biology,

British Literature,

Government, History,

Psychology, Sociology

340 with a 4



Eligible for

English 1301

Exemption Criteria


Composite of 23

Minimum of 19

Minimum of 19 (English)

Minimum of 19 (English)


March 2016 and after

Minimum of 530

Minimum of 480 (EBRW)

Minimum of 480 (EBRW)


If your scores do not meet the College Ready Scores, you will need to test again in that subject area in order to be eligible college-level courses in a Texas state college.