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Honeybee Soccer Mission Statement!
We are excited to begin another year of Girl’s Soccer at Stephenville High School. Our
Mission is the unwavering support and unconditional belief in the student athlete. We
will be building on all of the joy and excitement from previous years. The girl’s soccer
program has more athletes participating, at all levels, than in years past. As the
numbers increase, competition increases, work ethic is greater, and enthusiasm is at
its peak. We will teach fundamentals, skills, rules and strategies of the game. We are
building a program whose foundation is based in truth, power, faith, and courage. Its
cornerstones will be honor, perseverance, friendship, and humility. Its window of
understanding, is strength in everlasting arms. We will grow inwardly and outwardly
through character development and leadership training and will develop a family
environment within our team and the community. We will also promote academics and
hold all athletes accountable for their actions on and off of the field. If an athlete is not
performing in the classroom, they will certainly not help us on the field. We will also do
everything possible to prepare athletes to compete at the college level. The success of
the Bees has added exposure to surrounding Universities. As a coaching staff we have
great pride in Stephenville High School and The Stephenville Community. We will
represent both with integrity and class.
We will Fight!
You may bend us, but we will not break!
We will never EVER quit!