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Concussion Management

Stephenville ISD has been at the forefront of the diagnosis, treatment, and return to play of student-athletes who have suffered a closed head injury or concussion. Many schools, however, have not put as much time and effort into the management of concussions and because of this, the Texas Legislature passed HB 2038 which Governor Perry signed into law during the summer of 2011. HB 2038 mandates that each school district have a concussion oversight team which designs and implements the protocol for the diagnosis, treatment and return to play of any student-athlete who sustains a concussion. The concussion oversight team for Stephenville ISD that designed the protocol listed later on this page is comprised of Stephenville HS Athletic Trainers Wendy Svoboda and Jeston Craig, and Convenient Care Family Medical physician Kelly Doggett MD.
One of the key elements in helping to diagnose and manage a concussion is cognitive testing. Stephenville ISD utilizes the ImPACT test ( ). We will attempt to baseline test all student-athletes in Stephenville ISD grades 7 – 12 that participate in contact or collision sports. The idea behind the baseline test is to get the student-athlete to take the test and get a score when they have normal brain function without an injury. If the student-athlete suffers a head injury then approximately 48 hours after the injury the student will take the ImPACT test and the two scores will be compared. At that point in time after an evaluation from the athletic trainers and the ImPACT test results are examined a diagnosis of a concussion may be made.  It is important to note that the ImPACT test is but one tool in the toolbox of the medical professionals when attempting to determine the extent of a closed head injury as well as when the student-athlete will be able to return to activity. The ImPACT test should never be used solely as the lone tool to determine the diagnosis. This should be used in conjunction with a thorough exam and the results of the test are just another piece of the puzzle.
You will find the following documents below:
  • A copy of HB 2038
  • Exercise progressions for once the student-athlete is released back to activity 
  • Post Concussion Return to Academics Progressions 
  • A current symptoms and conditions check sheet
  • Concussion home instructions
  • SISD Concussion Management Protocol
  • The members of the SISD concussion Oversight Team 
  • Post-concussion return to academics modifications 
  • UIL return to play form to be signed by the parent or guardian of the student-athlete who sustained a concussion.
For more information on concussions the Center for Disease Control has an excellent informational website ( ) If you have any questions about concussions, the Stephenville ISD concussion management protocol, or if you think your son or daughter may have a concussion please do not hesitate to contact one of the staff athletic trainers.

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