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Visiting Athletic Trainer Information


To:       Visiting Athletic Trainers and Teams


From:  Mike Carroll

Head Athletic Trainer


RE:      Facilities and Services at Stephenville High School for Athletic Contests


I would like to take a moment and outline the facilities and services that will be available to visiting schools and athletic trainers here at Stephenville High School.  This is my 15th  year here at Stephenville ISD so I hopefully will be able to get you what you feel that you need when your teams come here to compete.


The athletic training room is located on the high school campus.  If you notify me in advance I  can make it available for your use before and after each contest that is held at the high school and also by appointment.  In addition, each team will be supplied with water, a rack of bottles, and injury ice for all varsity events except football.  We do not provide cups so if that is something that you need feel free to send them with your teams. We will put out a water pumper for sub varsity football and if prior arrangements are made we can do the same for varsity football.  Most of our sports compete at off campus facilities.  Every attempt will be made to provide athletic training coverage for those events, however because our venues are spread far and wide across the town of Stephenville logistically we can’t cover everything due to simultaneous events.  Our local coverage policy dictates that we cover varsity events first so consequently some sub-varsity events we are strictly on call.


There will be an ambulance at all home varsity football games.  On sub-varsity football game nights the ambulance will be on call should the need arise to utilize one.  We have multiple physicians (Dr. William Evans, orthopedist, Dr. Kevin Vandenberge, Orthopedist and Dr. Kelly Doggett, family practice) who may be in attendance at all varsity football games should you not have one that travels with your team. They are also on call for all other sporting events.


Feel free to contact either myself or assistant athletic trainer Debby Winder if you have any questions or special requests.  Good luck this year and we look forward to seeing you during the season.


Head Athletic Trainer:

Mike Carroll M Ed, LAT, ATC

254-552-6426 (office)


Assistant Athletic Trainer

Debby Winder




Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital