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For Men Only Weekend

Join the Stephenville High School Choir men in this fun weekend celebrating choral music intended for men's voices. Combining men of the community with the singing men of Stephenville High School, this event involves rehearsals on Friday evening and Saturday, culminating in a For Men Only Concert, open to the public, on Saturday evening. Help spread the word. Our goal is to have 100+ singers! The date for this year's event is
January 24-25, 2014. Come back for more information in November, or contact the SHS Choir office at 254-552-6467.

**SHS male singers are expected to participate in this event as it is important for UIL preparation and the guest conductor will teach them solid choral technique skills.
**Corporate Sponsorships are going to be vital to the continuation of this event. Please consider now asking your employer, or business owners you know, to invest in this event so we can continue to provide it**