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College Credit

Earn college hours for transfer or an Associate's Degree from Ranger College.  
    • House Bill 5 implemented new college readiness requirements for high schools to assess college readiness.
    • Type at least 500 words for the essay.
    • All juniors must be tested unless they are exempt or previously passed the TSI.
    • If a student does not pass one or more sections:
      • Retest at SHS for $7 per test section on scheduled dates.
Please visit with an SHS counselor regarding your interest in earning an Associate's Degree. 
SHS Dual Credit Options:

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year



*ENGL 1301/**ENGL 2327 (3 hrs each sem.)

Composition 1/American Lit.

*ENGL 1302/**ENGL 2323 (3 hrs each sem.)

Composition 2/British Lit.



*MATH 1314 (1 SEMESTER) (3 hrs)

College Algebra



**CHEM 1411/CHEM 1412 (4 hrs each sem.)

For science majors

General Chemistry 1 & 2
have taken College Algebra or credit through CLEP.

*BIOL 1406/ *BIOL1407 

(4 hrs each sem.)

General Biology for science majors

**BIOL 2401/**BIOL 2402 

(4 hrs each sem.)

Anatomy and Physiology


Soc. Studies

W. HIST 2322

(3 hrs, 2nd sem)

World Civilization 2

HIST 1301/HIST 1302

U. S. History

(3 hrs each sem.)

U.S. GOV 2305/ECON 2301 (Macro)

(3 hrs each sem.)

Fine Arts

MUSI 1306
(3 hrs fall only)
Music Appreciation


SPAN 1411/1412

(4 hrs each sem.)

Beginning Spanish

SPAN 2311/SPAN 2312

(3 hrs each sem.)

Intermediate Spanish



SPCH 1315

(3 hrs, 1 sem.)

Public Speaking

PSYC  2301
(3 hrs, 1 sem.)
General Psychology



Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP English 3

AP English 4

AP Calculus AB

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP World History

AP U.S. History

AP Spanish Language IV

AP Spanish Literature V

AP Art – Drawing or 2-D


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