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College Credit

Earn college hours for transfer or an Associate's Degree from Ranger College.  
    • House Bill 5 implemented new college readiness requirements for high schools to assess college readiness.
    • Type at least 500 words for the essay.
    • All juniors must be tested unless they are exempt or previously passed the TSI.
    • If a student does not pass one or more sections:
      • Retest at SHS for $7 per test section on scheduled dates.
Please visit with an SHS counselor regarding your interest in earning an Associate's Degree. 
SHS Dual Credit Options:

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year



*ENGL 1301/**ENGL 2327 (3 hrs each sem.)

Composition 1/American Lit.

*ENGL 1302/**ENGL 2323 (3 hrs each sem.)

Composition 2/British Lit.



*MATH 1314 (1 SEMESTER) (3 hrs)

College Algebra



**CHEM 1411/CHEM 1412 (4 hrs each sem.)

For science majors

General Chemistry 1 & 2
have taken College Algebra or credit through CLEP.

*BIOL 1406/ *BIOL1407 

(4 hrs each sem.)

General Biology for science majors

**BIOL 2401/**BIOL 2402 

(4 hrs each sem.)

Anatomy and Physiology


Soc. Studies

W. HIST 2322

(3 hrs, 2nd sem)

World Civilization 2

HIST 1301/HIST 1302

U. S. History

(3 hrs each sem.)

U.S. GOV 2305/ECON 2301 (Macro)

(3 hrs each sem.)

Fine Arts

MUSI 1306
(3 hrs fall only)
Music Appreciation


SPAN 1411/1412

(4 hrs each sem.)

Beginning Spanish

SPAN 2311/SPAN 2312

(3 hrs each sem.)

Intermediate Spanish



PSYC  2301
(3 hrs, 1 sem.)
General Psychology



Cosmetology at Ranger College

Cosmetology at Ranger College



Machining Program at Ranger College

Machining Program at Ranger College



EMT at Ranger College

EMT at Ranger College


Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP English 3

AP English 4

AP Calculus AB

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1


AP Physics 2

AP U.S. History

AP Spanish Language IV

AP Spanish Literature V

AP Art – Drawing or 2-D


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