Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. I would just like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey Birchfield and I will be teaching chemistry here at Stephenville High School this year. I have taught science for the last 18 years.
My wife and I grew up not far from here in Hamilton where I graduated high school. I graduated from Tarleton State University with a B.S. in Biology and Texas A&M University with a Master in Agriculture-Plant Sciences. I also have over 60 hours of study in science education from the University of Texas at Austin where I was working on a doctorate. I am married and have three children, twin daughters and a son and now a grandson and granddaughter.
It is my hope that we make this coming year a great one. Many times students enter into chemistry with a fear that the subject will be too foreign or what I like to call a chem-mystery. Chemistry is not that at all. Chem-is-try, meaning you simply need to apply yourself and work hard, along with my help I will guide you through chemistry to a successful end and a better understanding of the atomic and subatomic world.
Schedule 2017-2018
1st Period  Chemistry                   7:55-8:40
2nd Period Action                         8:46-9:14
3rd Period Chemistry                    9:18-10:03
4th Period Conference                10:08-10:53
5th Period Chemistry                  10:58-11:43
Lunch A                                       11:48-12:18
6th Period Chemistry                  12:23-1:08
7th Period Team                           1:13-1:58
8th Period Chemistry                    2:03-2:48
9th Period Chemistry                    2:53-3:38
Tutorials will be during Action and after school by appointment.

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Chemistry can be a fun and an enjoyable subject.  It is far different from any course you have studied to date.  The mathematics you have learned in Algebra I and Algebra II will be applied to the real world.  This course is lab centered, abstract, and mathematical in nature.  To be successful in chemistry you must learn to apply, in new situations, previous knowledge gained.  Those of you who depend on memorization of facts in order to achieve academic success will have to rethink how to study for such highly theoretical courses as chemistry.

Students who have not met with success in their first year of high school chemistry usually have had several of the following problems:

  • Disorganization
  • Do not take good class notes.
  • Do not read the textbook.
  • Do not do homework assignments.
  • Do not ask for extra help right away.
  • Leave assignments and studying for the last minute.


The key to success in chemistry is to learn how to think and become independent.  This is a step you will have to take on your own.  You must learn to make the jump from one who thinks at a concrete level (memorizes) to an independent thinker.  The jump you are asked to make is not impossible. I am here to help you.  The following are suggestions to help you meet with success in chemistry:

  • Do assigned homework each night.  Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Consult other students in the class; they may have insights that will help you.  This is not a copying session, but a think tank.
  • Do not miss class.  You will discover that a significant about of material is covered everyday, and you will quickly fall behind if you are absent. 
  • Don’t give up! Get help as soon as you do not understand something.
  • Take good class notes.
  • If you are having trouble with math problems, you should do more problems as extra practice. 


Nature by the Numbers

This is a great animation showing the marriage of mathematics (Fibonacci numbers and fractals) and patterns found in nature.