AP Chemistry

Hi everyone!! I hope the summer has been wonderful for you!!
I just wanted to let y'all know that Mrs. Huckabee and I need several more students to sign up for AP Chemistry so that the class will make. Please consider immersing yourself in another year of amazing chemistry fun!! If you are interested in adding it to your schedule, please contact the high school ASAP and let them know you're interested so the class schedules can be completed.
My other request is for members of the SHS science club.  I am now an official science club sponsor (yippee!!) and we need as many club members possible to help man the science club booth at the high school during fish camp next Thursday, August 6th starting at 8:45 am in the cafeteria.
If you have any questions about either AP Chemistry or helping with fish camp, you can email me at
Thanks!!--Mrs. Kresta

Final Exam Reminder

You may bring a 3X5 index card with chemistry info written on both sides to use. You will turn it in with your exam. Also,...

Ch. 13-14 Test Tomorrow!

Here are the answers to the math problems on the test review:
5. 25.3 kPa, 0.250 atm, 25300 Pa
22. I know this is a repeat of an earlier question. Tell me how evaporation and vaporization are the same. You already told me how they are different in #10.
23. 4; Hydrogen will effuse 4 times faster than oxygen
24. 49.1 g/mol; It is the slower gas so it must have a larger molar mass than the hydrogen sulfide gas
25a. 1.730 kPa; b. 0.01708 atm; c. 1730. Pascals
26. 98.5 kPa
27a. 6.0 atm; b. 1.0 atm
For the State of Matter Phase Diagram, know a real-life example of each phase change.  Less common ones--deposition (frost) and sublimation (dry ice)
Know the definition of triple point and be able to locate it on a graph.
Study and I will see you tomorrow.

If you were absent for the Race of the Gases Lab

You can view the videos below and get an idea of what occurred with the gases when they diffused in the glass tube. You then need to see me for additional info you will need to complete the lab. When you come to see me you need to have your procedure read and pre-lab completed.
Race of the Gases Animation:
Great diffusion video that includes an actual demo of the lab:

Online textbook login criteria

To log in to your textbook at you need:
1.) Your username. It will be your last name and the last 4 digits of your social security number
2). the password, which is papchemistry1415
If you have trouble logging in, email me at and I will look up YOUR specific login credentials and email them back to you.


Open Note Quiz tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3, 2015 over Ch. 12 Stoichiometry.  I have posted the check sheets for the notes. Email me tonight if you have any questions.