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Expectations & Cheer 2022-2023

Please make sure you have thoroughly read the constitution and understood the commitment made when becoming a cheerleader. 
The demerit system is very specific about what is expected of Stephenville High School Cheerleaders. Please read and understand these expectations. The demerit system is not to "punish" you, however, it is there to hold you accountable for what is expected. 
Multi-sport cheerleaders: We will work with your coaches, it takes diligence from all of us. Please understand that when you become a cheerleader, it means you will cheer for all sports necessary as well as cheer competition. 
Here are three things we think you need to consider before you commit to being a cheerleader: 
1. Do YOU believe you can make a difference? 
2. Can you make others believe they make a difference? 
3. Do you want to be there to make the difference? 
***If you want these things it is OUR JOB to LEAD others in making a difference in the game, in the school and in the community! You will be expected to SMILE, JUMP, STUNT & CHEER! :)