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AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art is NOT for the faint of heart or the casual artist. AP Studio Art is a fast paced, deadline oriented course where students complete 24 pieces of artwork for grading by the College Board. AP Art students typically earn between 3 and 12 hours of college credit over their year or two spent in AP Studio Art class.

Below is a portion of the syllabus as approved by the College Board.

Course Description

Through studio practice, application of design concepts, and informed decision making, students will assemble a body of artwork that demonstrates a high level of quality and growth over time of content, technique, and process. [C5] Students will develop mastery in concept, composition, and execution. [C2] Students will address three components in their portfolios: Quality, Concentration, and Breadth. [C1] Students will submit this body of work to the College Board for grading and possible college credit.



Students will focus on expanding their drawing and two-dimensional design skills and will work to advance their visual communication skills by exploring a variety of creative processes and techniques, and compositional and aesthetic concepts.


The process of developing a portfolio requires a great deal of time and effort and the five weekly class sessions are markedly inadequate to create the amount of work necessary for the portfolio.  AP students should expect to spend four to eight hours a week outside of class on their work.

First Six Weeks

Project 1: Due Sept 4th

Explore Identity

Project 2-5: Due Sept 11th

The FOUR completed Summer Assignments

Project 6: Due Sept 18th

Choose one of the images from the Sept. 11th sketchbook and develop further.

Second Six Weeks

Project 7: Due Oct 2nd

Take the 5 symbols from the Sept. 18th sketchbook and create a series of prints.

Project 8: Due October 9th

Create the OPPOSITE of your Sept. 25th sketchbook

Project 9: Due Oct 16th   

Explore implied TEXTURE

Third Six Weeks

Project 10: Due Oct 30th

Explore FORM using graphite

Project 11: Due Nov 13th

Explore SIZE relationships using chalk

Project 12: Due Dec 4th   

Focus on Atmospheric Perspective

Contest Deadline

December 11th

Art and Writing Contest Entry DUE.

Complete PRIOR to the spring semester!!

Projects 13-15: Due Jan 11th 

Concentration piece #1- #3

Fourth Six Weeks

Project 16: Due Jan 15th

COLOR:  reflection of glass

Project 17: Due Jan 22rd  

Concentration piece #4

Project 18: Due Feb 5th

LINE: Combine Blind Contour and Contour elements

Project 19: Due Feb 12th

Concentration piece #5

Fifth Six Weeks

Project 20: Due Feb 26th 

SHAPE: Positive and Negative

Project 21: Due Mar 4th

Concentration piece #6

Projects 22-23: Due Mar 18th  

Concentration piece #7-#8

Project 24: Due Mar 24th 

Concentration piece #9

Project 25: Due April 8th

Concentration piece #10

Sixth Six Weeks

Projects 26-27: Due April 22nd   

Concentration piece #11 and #12

All pieces must be photographed, cropped/matted and ready for submission by April 28th!