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Stephenville High School

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Pre AP Art 2

Creative talent comes in many forms from figure drawing to 3D design, from scientific exploration to complex mathematical equations, but inherently, all people are creative. In Art 2, students are challenged to expand their knowledge of art principles and techniques and are asked to experience their world from an artistic perspective.

Course Description

In Pre-AP Art 2, students begin focusing on art as individualized expression

Through the use of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and more; students will be required to work in a variety of media and styles of art. Students in Pre-AP Art 2 are highly encouraged to participate in a variety of contests each year outside of SISD. Additionally, students will keep their work and create a portfolio that will be graded for their spring final exam. This portfolio is the foundation to their AP portfolio should they wish to pursue art beyond Pre-AP Art 2.