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Art 1

Art 1

Creative talent comes in many forms from figure drawing to 3D design, from scientific exploration to complex mathematical equations, but inherently, all people are creative. In Art 1, students are taught basic art principles and techniques and are asked to consider their world from an artistic perspective.

Through the creative process in Art 1, students are stretched and taught new ways of thinking and expression that involve drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and more. By doing so, students begin to see that art effects every person in a unique way. In fact, many of the decisions that are made each day involve issues of color, style, and design. Therefore, it could be said that ART is at the very core of everyday life!

Course Description

As the foundation of all other art courses, Art 1 curriculum focuses on giving students a broad understanding of the elements and principles of art. Students participate in a variety of learning experiences including traditional drawing and painting activities as well as contemporary and experimental art projects.

Students that excel in Art 1 are invited to enroll in advanced art courses and to begin preparation for AP Studio Art courses. Advanced art curriculum provides many opportunities to develop progressively higher levels of critical and creative thinking. Because the courses accommodate various learning styles and emphasize independent and guided research, students gain valuable knowledge and skills that enable them to successfully pursue interests in other careers.

Check out our Artsonia Gallery to see Art 1 projects from previous years!