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Family Access

Stephenville Independent School District recognizes that many parents would like to play a greater role in their child’s education.  With today’s hurried pace and most families having both parents working outside of the home, time is important.  To make it easier for you to get involved, Stephenville is now implementing Family Access. Family Access will provide you with the ability to view your student’s information through the internet.  Information that will be made available to you through Family Access is:
  • Student demographic information
  • Attendance
  • Grades
Family Access is secured by a unique username and password to assure security and privacy.

If you are interested in applying for Family Access, you may pick up an application form in the campus office, or complete and submit the form from this page. For security and confidentiality reasons, we are requesting that all parents and guardians retrieve their username and password in person.  Username and passwords sent home with students, despite our best intentions, are often misplaced or can become compromised.  In addition, it is essential that those parents responsible for educational decision making receive the correct username and password.  Once your application is processed, instructions along with your username and password will be provided to you.  No usernames or passwords will be provided over the phone.  You must present a valid ID when retrieving your information. We will not begin processing applications until August 25, 2014.

If you have any questions or problems accessing your child’s information, please contact the campus main office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Family Access cost money or is there a fee that I have to pay?
A. No.  Family Access is provided free as a service by Stephenville ISD.
Q. Do I have to apply each year, or is my login information good forever?  Do I have
to submit an application for each of my children?
A. Your username and password are good forever.  If you have children on other campuses, you do not need another username and do not have to reapply to access data for those children.
Q. Why do my spouse and I both need a login and password?
A. Security and a sign-in log are maintained by Family Access.

Q. Do I need a different password if I have students on different campuses?
A. No. Your username and password will allow access to information about all of
your students.

Q. I have forgotten my password and/or username.  How do I get another one?
A. To ensure security and confidentiality, you will need to submit another Family Access Application and return it to the campus office. 

Q. My login and password are not working today.  I just used them yesterday, and I logged into the program with no problems.
A. Check your Internet Connection. Occasionally, Family Access will be down for upgrades. Multiple failed login attempts will cause the account to lock, and you will need to call the campus main office to get it unlocked. If none of the above pertains to you, please contact the campus main office during regular school hours. 
Q. Is the system secure?
A. The system uses SSL encryption, a common method of securing online commercial transactions.

Other things you should know.
  • Family Access will be turned off a week before report cards are sent home. You will not be able to view your child’s information during this time. This will allow teachers to enter final grades for the six weeks and ensure accurate information for parents when they view Family Access.
  • If you have sent a note to the office to excuse your child’s absence, please allow the attendance clerk a few days to enter the information into the system.  If you dispute any attendance information a week after the student has returned to school, please contact the attendance clerk on your child’s campus

>> Click here for the "Family Access Request for Username/Password" form.